Winter domestic tourism declines from last year


According to tour operators, the number of domestic tourists in Burma has increased significantly during the current winter tourist season, compared to 2020.

Domestic tourism has declined sharply since last year after the military coup, when domestic tourism resumed in the aftermath of the first and second wave of the Kovis-19 outbreak in Burma.

A tour operator said, “If we compare 2020 and 2021, we will see the first seven months of 2020. The amount in the first eight months was quite high. In 2020, we will travel a lot. This year, the third wave is over. Since October, the number of tourists has been steadily rising. And in November and now this December, the number of tourists has increased. “However, compared to the first wave of Kovis in 2020 and the second wave after the second wave, it has not yet reached the same level.”
Currently, the number of people who have been vaccinated against Kovis twice has increased, and now they are traveling to safer areas where there is no fighting.

“Magway Division. Sagaing Division Shan State The other side of Kayah State is the most popular destination for normal travel. Now there are people going to Bagan. But it is still much less than it should be. So I went to a place that was peaceful and safe. So, in general, we go to the beaches in Irrawaddy Division. And then Hpa-an. They were seen coming to Moulmein. From there, there are not many people going to lower Tanintharyi. In terms of travel, it takes 5 hours. In most cases, it is only a six-hour drive. People don’t travel much for the 12- to 14-hour drive. Hpa-an From Mawlamyine, they are now going to Kyaik Htee Yoe. But it is much less than in previous years. In Hpa-an, Karen State, people come to the city with the beauty of Zwekapin and its local beauty. In Mawlamyine, they go to Kyaik Kham, ”said a tour operator.

Currently, the number of domestic tourists is increasing towards the coastal areas.

A hotel and tourism business partner said: “The way hotels are located in the coastal areas is that they sell packages according to their respective hotels. How much for 2 nights and 3 days? And there are also sales from travel companies. However, there is no widespread advertising on social media or websites. Travel patterns are no longer the same as they used to be, where they were sold directly to travelers and gathered together as a family or group of friends locally. ” He said.

As the tourism-related hotel industry relies heavily on domestic tourists, prices are lower than in previous years.

“If we adjust to 2019, it will be cheaper than 2019,” he said. This is because when the hotels reopen, they will not be able to accept foreigners as before. The number of return passengers is not as high as before. As it had to be reopened, the hotels had to re-introduce. It sells for about 70,000. This means offering a price that local travelers can afford when they have the time. Normally, the price is cheaper. But it is not a big relief, ”said the hotelier.

Currently, there are ongoing clashes between the military council and local militia forces, and the Kovis-19 outbreak is endemic, as well as the threat of a new variant of the coronavirus, Omikron.

The military council is in Rakhine State. Ngapali Beach in Thandwe Township and Chaungtha Beach in Ayeyarwady Division held mass opening ceremonies and opening tourism festivals.

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