The cyber security bill needs to be amended so that e-commerce does not suffer

Aye Chan, chairman of the Myanmar e-commerce Association, said that the provisions of the cyber security bill could be detrimental to e-commerce businesses, which are digital business steps, and that the provisions of the bill need to be amended for e-commerce development.

“It’s good to be able to collect online user data. I totally agree, but some of the data collection is not commercially practical. If you have to fill out registration information to buy a shampoo, you will not be able to buy it and you will not be able to buy it online. It will hurt the online platform.

He said the data should be changed depending on the business and he could advise businesses in e-commerce that should be collected.

In addition, the data and information stored on the online service user could be a major business issue on the draft provisions set by the relevant ministry. It is kept in China and not in the country.

“It’s up to the company to decide where to place the servers because it is a business’s decision. What if the ministry can’t provide services? What if the ministry can’t provide services? It’s good to keep them locally.

Under the heading of cyber security, the public and businesses must be protected from cyber threats, but the Myanmar Cyber ​​Security Bill states that the wording of the cyber security bill contains provisions that are more negative than positive in order to prosecute the public and businesses.

Inventions of young people; Learning online; Socio-economic development of the public; The statement added that it was hampering the convenience of people using online services.

The cyber security bill is aimed at online businesses, Businesses using digital technology; Small Small and medium enterprises; education; e-commerce; Logistic services; Banking Tourism services; According to the Myanmar Computer Association and Computer Association, this could put an end to all startups.

The association points out that further deliberations need to be made for the benefit of the country, the people and all sectors of the economy, as they will inevitably hinder the digital transition and the building of a digital economy.

Necessary support for the cyber security bill; The Myanmar Computer Association and the Computer Association have strongly objected to the speedy implementation of these procedures, as they must be followed step by step.

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