Plans to expand sunflower cultivation to export surplus edible oil

Coup d’état to boost sunflower crop The Ministry of Livestock and Irrigation is making arrangements.

To obtain the necessary varieties for the expanded sunflower crop; The department said it would provide technology and other benefits, and would work with the private sector to become a major producer and exporter of edible oil, as well as a domestic exporter.

Work is underway to cultivate a total of 1.5 million acres of sunflower and winter sunflower hybrids for sunflower oil production. For this purpose, the establishment of special solar zones in each region and state; ၊ It is also known that they will cultivate crops.

In addition, seed production; Implementation of joint venture contract farming system; The department urges oil millers to make the necessary preparations for the establishment of modern oil refineries. It also called for more investment in oil and soybean oil production.

About 600,000 acres of sunflower fields in Myanmar; Over 28 lakh acres of groundnut plantation; There are more than 76 lakh acres of oilseeds, including over 37 lakh acres of sesame fields.

Domestic demand for cooking oil is over 13 lakh tons per year. Domestic production is around 400,000 tonnes, so between 800,000 and 1 million tonnes are imported annually.

International palm oil prices; Last week, the price of palm oil rose to a record high of 8,000 kyat per pound due to the rising dollar and transportation costs. Other peanut oil Sesame oil prices also hit an all-time high.

This week, the market fell again to around 7,000 kyat per pound due to the influx of palm oil into the market.

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