On third-party apps, Google Pixel’s Night Sight is getting better.

The cameras on Google Pixel phones are some of the best available for a smartphone. And the Google Camera app, which has a number of tools to assist you boost your photographic game, adds to their superb performance. Google made the renowned Night photography function of the Pixel available to Snapchat and other third-party apps last year via the Pixel photography Services. With support for Android 14 and other significant enhancements, the company is now releasing the largest update to Pixel Camera Services since it was first introduced last year.

Google is introducing support for autofocus, manual focus, and zoom in the NightSight extension as part of Pixel Camera Services v1.1. By doing this, suitable third-party apps will be able to support manual or autofocus when using Night mode. On the Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro, they can also effortlessly transition between the primary and telephoto cameras to give superior zoom capabilities.

Older Pixel phones cannot take advantage of these upgrades because Pixel Camera Services is only compatible with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series.

The most recent Pixel Camera Services build has been slowly being released by Google, with the first reports emerging on May 27. The update ought to be visible on your phone right now because a wider release appears to have started more recently. If not, you can manually sideload the most recent build by downloading it from APKMirror.

Before making Pixel Camera Services v1.1 available to everyone, the business probably wanted to wait for the June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop.

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