Military Council announces re-registration of used cars for a fixed fee

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has announced that vehicles from 1980 models and earlier will be re-registered as classic classic vehicles.

Only vehicles that were originally registered will be re-registered and the vehicle number will be assigned as the new vehicle number.

Re-registration of classic classic vehicles is carried out in the respective regions. State District Roads can be reached at the Directorate of Road Transport from February 24 to 25, according to today’s edition of the Myanmar Enlightenment newspaper.

A car enthusiast said, “I have seen such antique cars reserved in Thailand. They also have a lot of hobbies. And their government’s policy is very strict. In this regard, Why not? It is a fixed year. Once they are listed, they are easy to do. Here, it is said that it will be liquid after 20 years, and now it will be renewed, so what is being done is inconsistent. And there may be an old car here. But a good car will be less. Because you can not install the necessary spare parts for such an old car. Spare parts for Surf-97 are now almost non-existent. Older cars are worse. So what I see is unemployment, ”he told DVB.

A car dealer said, “Their policies are inconsistent. There is controversy. I will encourage new cars. They decide which ones to drive. And it will support cars produced locally with SKD system. “Right now, the new registrations for right-hand drive cars that are more than 40 years old are being reckoned with.”

The cars, which have been in service for more than 40 years, have been deregistered and are now being renewed, and the military is now re-registering them for a fee.

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