Mandalay Bamboo Handicraft Alain Lamp Order Increases

“Currently in Burma, by the end of this year, my own design, Daung Lan, Myanmar Dylan Club with traditional Myanmar style and system. The lanterns I make, the luminaries and the luminaires are in high demand, and they have the same taste. There are no such models in Myanmar or in the world when they experience beauty after the fire. “There are a lot of orders for the product that I think are innovative in my style.”

Prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the quality of the workmanship and the order price.

It will be tested by international bamboo experts for export and penetrate international markets.

Win Maung Nyein said that there will be innovations to bring Burmese bamboo to the forefront of the world, and that bamboo craftsmen from all over the country are working together to create a museum that brings together Burmese bamboo handicrafts.

“We also have our own high-end bamboo products and cosmetics related to Burmese bamboo handicrafts to keep up with the world of bamboo. It is my goal to have local and local employment opportunities in order to gain access to the international market. We continue to strive to be a comprehensive museum of world-renowned Burmese bamboo handicrafts, with the help of our friends who have promoted and promoted the bamboo industry throughout Burma. Every day, in accordance with internationally accepted international methods. We are researching and developing new designs, new designs and technologies with internationally respected techniques.

Domestically, there are pre-orders for various lanterns from hotel and restaurant owners and home decorators. It will also work to export bamboo lanterns.

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