Kovis Centers Suspended in Rangoon Reopen Due to Rising Omegon Outbreak

Kovis Centers Suspended in Rangoon Reopen Due to Rising Omegon Outbreak

According to the Yangon Region Public Health and Health Department, more than 10 treatment centers will be opened in Rangoon Region due to the rising incidence of Kovis-19 mutations in the omega-19 virus.

Yoma Yeik Thar in Yangon Region; A brick, a grain of sand; There are more than 10 treatment centers such as Aung Myint Moe Center and more than 100 patients are being treated at Aung Myint Moe Medical Center in South Dagon Township.

The Aung Myint Moe Medical Center started accepting 84 patients on February 9, and another 23 patients arrived on February 10, with about 190 Kovis patients receiving treatment.

The center is currently staffed by 24 health workers and volunteers, who have been able to treat thousands of patients in the past.

According to the current situation of patients in Yangon Region, oxygen, medicine, There are still enough staff and social organizations to transport Kovis patients.

Some townships in Rangoon Region have been infected with omega-3s, and the number of Kovis cases in the country has risen by thousands for three consecutive days, with Rangoon Region having the highest number, according to the Ministry of Health.

Rangoon Ophthalmology Hospital has announced that it will only treat emergency patients until February 23 due to the recurrence of coronary heart disease.

Due to the recurrence of COVID 19 at Yangon Eye Hospital, only referral patients will be treated.

Patients in need of an emergency call will be treated 24 hours a day, with only one paramedic accompanying them, and a referral from an eye doctor who can provide immediate representation in the referral.

Patients wishing to show up can call the hospital at 09888629945,09888629954 between 8:30 am and 4 pm (only on government business days).

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