It has been submitted to the Department of Consumer Affairs to ban the so-called Thanakha cosmetics, but it is not significant

Kyaw Than, chairman of the Myanmar Thanakha Association, said that although the Myanmar Thanakha Association had repeatedly asked the Department of Consumer Affairs to ban the import of cosmetics under the name of Thanakha, it was not significant.

“The Department of Consumer Affairs was established once in 2019. Once in 2020, it wants to comply with Chapter 18, Article F (f) of the Consumer Law. Myanmar Thanakha Association The company needs to be reformed. To prevent it from being in the market to be maintained; No arrests have been made, ”said Kyaw Moe.

Chapter (18) (f) of the Consumer Law states that the raw material of the product must be stated and the quantity of raw material contained must be stated. U Kyaw Moe explained that the FDA has the right to pay only if it submits a product in Article 4 (1/2010) of the Union of Myanmar, provided that the FDA has the right to provide it only if the proportions of raw materials and ingredients are submitted.

“Consumer affairs are not working, so we are in the book of how much the Myanmar Thanakha Association works,” he said. We are losing a lot of money because we see the business side standing up instead of protecting the consumer side. When I called to ask about consumer affairs, he said, “What are you going to do that day? What are you going to do this day?” I’m almost waiting for instructions. When the director general of the Department of Consumer Affairs came to power, he said that the whole country was instructed by the Consumer Affairs Department to censor cosmetics, ”said Kyaw Moe.

Despite repeated requests from the Myanmar Thanakha Association to the Department of Consumer Affairs for the long-term viability of Myanmar Thanakha, the number of products being produced under the pretext of Thanakha is increasing day by day.

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