In addition to YPS card system, QR code system is also planned to pay YBS fare

In Yangon’s passenger sector, card payment was introduced in July 2020 on designated routes.

However, the use of tolls has been virtually non-existent since the coup d’├ętat took place in February last year.

YBS buses are less regulated and more spacious. There has been an increase in vehicle fares.

Some buses, equipped with card readers, have been forced to shut down and charge a fare.

Currently, the Yangon Region Private Transport Regulatory Commission (YRTC) has set up Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Co., Ltd., which operates Yangon Payment Services, to provide card-based fares through mobile wallets and QR codes via mobile wallets. The meeting was held on January 21 with MPT-Money Co., Ltd.

Yangon Payment Services Card System It was designed to be used on water buses as well, and now more than 1,900 of the more than 2,700 vehicles have been fitted with the card system.

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