Easy: Reopening Laring Gate; Hundreds have been blocked from entering and leaving

The Lweje-Laring border checkpoint was opened, but hundreds of cars were stranded. Traders and truck drivers say they have not been allowed to leave yet.

“There are more than 100 Chinese cars left,” he said. We, the Burmese car, have about 370 cars left in Laing. Burmese cars have not been allowed to leave yet. The rest of the Chinese cars here have not been allowed in yet, ”said a driver who was waiting for the Chinese side to exit.

China wants more than 100 vehicles stranded on the Burmese side to be re-entered, and Burma wants about 370 12-wheeler trucks stranded on the Chinese side to return as soon as possible. A source close to bilateral trade said they were still trying to get out.

On the morning of January 20, the Burmese side was the main exporter of sugarcane and bananas to China.

At the moment, it is only conspiracy, and Chinese goods are coming in and out. A trader said there was no output.

“Most of the rice is imported into China through the Lweje Gate. Bananas are coming in. At the beginning, about 30 trucks carrying bananas and rice entered Burma through the Lweje Gate in Burma, including sugarcane.”

The trucks are shipped with a shunting / folding replacement system and are not cranes into China through the border.

Kachin State Bhamo District Loije and China; Yunnan Province Longchun District The Lweje-Laring Gate, a trade route between the two cities, was temporarily closed on July 8, 2021, and reopened on January 17, 2022, due to Skovis.

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