Easy: Delays in the flow of goods Chinese banana businessmen protest

Lwe Jel: Traders and farmers on the Chinese side of the border protested on January 20 due to delays in managing the flow of goods on the Chinese side, according to border traders.

“They are protesting. The building is very high. The building is more than 10 stories high. We also have video files of them jumping from above. We heard that it was their bananas.

A Burmese trader said, “Longchun. Banana traders protested by going to their district office and jumping. Banana growers are in a lot of trouble. They have been bananas for three years in a row. The first year also sold a little. In the second year, it will not be sold at all, ”he said.

Many Chinese banana traders along the Laiza border, who are investing on the Burmese side, have lost their passports. They abandoned the banana plantation and fled because of the hardships and losses.

“The Chinese who used to sneak in from Chaung cannot come back now,” he said. I have to live in a banana farm. I dare not go anywhere. What a pity. The main reason is that they sneaked in when they came in. Laiza is easy. Now I don’t pay there either. They do not dare to go anywhere in Burma. In the yard. ”

Chinese banana farmers are renting land to farmers in Burma to grow crops, and local landowners are also losing out to those who have fled the losses.

According to a woman researcher on the effects of tissue banana cultivation, Chinese businesses will not be harmed if the law is passed because only Burmese nationals are hired on behalf of the government.

In addition, some trucks carrying banana tissue, which relies on cross-border trade, have been waiting in line for about a month, a driver said.

“Bananas do not take that much. They import the most sugarcane. The first batch of bananas had to be thrown away and the next batch had to be reloaded. ”

As a result of the trial period, only about five banana trucks were allowed to enter each day, delaying the flow of goods, and about 200 trucks were currently waiting in line, according to a vehicle owner.

“Motorists are also loading. Traders also suffer losses. Bananas are also ripening. The cars in the queue now allow Chinese sugarcane and bananas. ”

Bananas and bananas from Bhamo Province to China Watermelon Sugarcane Rice It exports local products, including maize, and imports all Chinese-licensed goods from China.

Kachin State Bhamo District Loije and China; Yunnan Province Longchun District The Loi Jie-Laring Gate, which borders Laring, was temporarily closed in July 2021 for Scovis reasons. It was planned to open a total of three times in December, but reopened on January 17, 2022.

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