Due to the cyclone, river fish exports from Rakhine to Bangladesh are blocked

About 300 tonnes of riverine fish to be exported to Bangladesh from Rakhine State has been blocked due to Typhoon Arseni.
A trader exporting riverine fish to Bangladesh said, “More than 200 tonnes are trapped in Sittwe and more than 100 tonnes in Maungdaw. There is no cyclone in Rakhine. “If this continues, there will be more losses.”
In Sittwe, a 100-tonne ship, two 12-tonne five-tonne trucks and 12 7-tonne five-tonne fish trucks were stranded in Maungdaw for a total of 300 tons.
Officials from the Sittwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry say that although Arsenic did not make landfall on the Rakhine coast, authorities should close the waterway due to concerns, damaging rivers and fish for export to Bangladesh.
Aung Aung, an official with the Sittwe Chamber of Commerce, said: I’m worried something will happen because of the bad weather. At present, the weather is good. There will be no more cyclones on the Rakhine coast. It’s best to give up. The merchants are in a lot of trouble. The fish have been unloaded from the car onto board. I had to re-upload because I was not allowed to leave. “The fish were injured and destroyed when they were dumped.”
According to traders, if they are not allowed to export 300 tonnes of riverine fish these days, they could lose about 5,000 lakhs.
“Currently, the fish are being frozen and kept fresh. If we do not export these days, we could lose about 5,000 lakhs,” said a riverine trader.
Rakhine State exported $ 387.412 million worth of fishery products to Bangladesh in the 2020-2021 fiscal year, according to border trade figures.

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