Car dealerships will re-apply for car import licenses

The Department of Commerce under the Ministry of Commerce has announced that it will resume accepting applications for car import licenses from car dealerships in Burma from January 3, 2022.

But it’s a new car, An owner of a car dealership told DVB that the import rights for the old ones were not being re-accepted and that the import licenses were not being returned as many people thought.

“It really is not like that,” he said. They misunderstood. New car I’m not talking about the old import rights. In fact, it refers to the closure of operations. It is reopening after the shutdown. Cars are not allowed to be imported as many people think. They are confused by their statement. ”

The military council has been suspending car permits since last September due to domestic demand for US dollars.

As a result, car prices in the Yangon car market have risen and sales have plummeted, according to a car dealer.

“Demand was a bit high during the period when car permits were closed,” he said. On the other hand, the value of the dollar was rising at that time. That’s why some people buy cars instead of dollars. Another point is that the car permit is closed but SKD is not closed. However, due to the Kovis, SKD cars have not been able to run factories. Now the factories are back. So I think SKD cars will be back by the end of December. So there is a reason why SKD is not running. But no one ordered the SKD factories to close. They shut themselves down. With all these factors, car prices have gone up. Sales were good. At the end of September and the beginning of October. But now the trade has cooled down. The price does not fall. Because the buyer has two steps. The current car market is cool. ”

The Department of Commerce under the Military Council Applications for vehicle import licenses are being scrutinized at showrooms, and the annual audit will be completed before the end of 2021, and necessary adjustments will be made, the statement said.

Therefore, the showrooms will accept applications for vehicle import licenses until December 17, 2021, and applications for 2022 will be processed from January 3, 2022.

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