Are you really getting a real Union Day and a Union spirit?

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Panglong Agreement, a milestone in the history of Burma’s independence struggle and the unification of all ethnic groups in the mountains and plains.

Although the 75th anniversary of the Union Day has been marked as Union Day, the lack of equal rights, the failure of all governments to implement the commitments made in the Panglong Agreement, and the ravages of hatred, resentment, skepticism and animosity that have plagued the country since the beginning of the post-independence era.

Successive governments have been at loggerheads since the independence of the country, which has been plagued by a series of armed uprisings since the independence of the Panglong Agreement, which has not been met by ethnic governments in the past.

“In the past, the federal union’s system forms of repression arrested for supposed secession started having. Anti-Fascist era Ne found in the Panglong Agreement required by the promise of the federal team also serves as the country’s first president, including former Yawnghwe Sao gold reserves Shan Emirates all invited to meeting the need to arrest the disintegration of the union, had seized power, later known historical record.

The new regime should federal Liverpool  because they had been holding the ball consistently and ethnic rights to IGNORE the fire of civil war because it was burning like to grow more of the indigenous people in the country’s civil war after the collapse of the national unity  effects are felt to this day,” said a political Hla Tint said.

Nine points in the Panglong Agreement include the principle of full autonomy for the border areas for local government and the right of the people of the border areas to enjoy the basic rights recognized in democracies, but these have not been implemented for 75 years.

“Although the Union are also inter-ethnic wars in the country and because of the political problem of independence Union disappeared from the fighting has been the lack of skills. Union already had a child should ask the Union to know what union is generated on the spot. It was because, said Karen non-equivalent to the American economy today,

Shan non equal rights without a desire to cover the palm of the end of any of the country’s power assets due to a dictatorship Union dissolved Union of the national people know me, just had faded Until today. Union about how events without advocating the essence of a real celebration of indigenous people today between ethnic vain. Especially true as long as no equality and autonomy, the ethnic way As long as there is oppression and violence of all kinds, there can be no real peace and union spirit, ”said Sai Tun Naung, a political analyst and Shan.

“We, the ethnic nationalities, are not asking for much. He called for equal rights and the establishment of a federal democratic union, which led to the country’s longest civil war, accusing it of secession.

The term “federal democratic union” was used extensively by the government during the NLD government that won the 2015 and 2020 elections, and the restoration of a federal democratic union.

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