Businesses suffer from power outages

Due to the power outage, small and medium enterprises in Rangoon have been forced to relocate to factories and factories. Many businesses, including factories, are facing difficulties.

Business owners in Rangoon say that since the beginning of March, there have been power outages in Rangoon, which has severely affected many businesses operating on electricity and increased production costs.

Small businesses include power outages; They say they will not be able to operate in the long run if they do not control the rise of the internet and fuel prices. High production and transportation costs will push up commodity prices, leaving the grassroots at the root of the problem.

According to business owners, all businesses in Rangoon are likely to close down if prices continue to skyrocket for electricity generators.

A resident of North Okkalapa said, “If the power goes out again, the lives of the people will be worse. Even now, if there is a power outage, there is no running water. If there is no electricity, we can still solve the problem by using charcoal and cooking candles. There is no water supply.

In this situation, the military council has announced a 24-hour power outage in some areas from March 12 to 28.

The flow of online work has almost been cut off due to the inability to use Wi-Fi internet access during working hours.

Due to the Kovis-19 period, some company employees were forced to work from home. It is difficult to work from home due to lack of internet connection.

A company employee said, “Sisters, we have to work at the WFH house. I can not use Wifi when the power goes out. Work is not completed on time, ”he said.

Rangoon residents say the costs are rising and that online education is having a huge impact on children. Students are also having difficulty reading textbooks due to the lack of electricity, which is now approaching 10th grade exams.

An online food service provider said the reasons given by the military council for the power outage were unbelievable.

“Even now, there is a lot of damage due to power outages,” he said. If it breaks again, it will not work. The reasons for the power outage are unbelievable. That would not be the case with the people’s government. ”

After the military coup, the staff joined the CDM. As a result of popular protests, the military council has been unable to maintain government and business interests.

In time, the military council ceased to meet its basic needs because it ran out of revenue.

The withdrawal of foreign investment has cut off foreign exchange earnings, and the military council is struggling to find ways to generate foreign exchange.

Economists say the military council will not be able to resolve the economic crisis if it does not resolve the political crisis.

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