Bangladesh raises onion import tax Myanmar traders at a loss

Burmese traders are facing losses as the Bangladeshi government raises import tariffs on onions and onion exports are declining.

Burmese traders on the Maungdaw border are facing losses as tariffs on imported onions have been raised to help farmers grow onions in Bangladesh this open season.

A trader in Maungdaw said, “The onion-growing season in their country means that their farmers are giving priority to their farmers by raising taxes on imported onions to get a better price.”

Previously, the tax was raised to 3 Bangladeshi taka per kilogram of onion, but now it has been increased to 5 taka per taka.

Aung San Thein, vice-chairman of the Maungdaw Border Traders’ Association, said: “Traders can not export without profit. On the other hand, it is said that in Bangladesh, traders have formed six-member committees.

Traders believe that if the Burmese side can create a seller market to increase border trade between Myanmar and Bangladesh, it will be easier for traders.

“It would be good if traders over there could make it possible for traders to come here and buy. Now they have to sell to other countries, and even if prices are low, it is not easy to bring them back here, and traders on this side are suffering.” A border trader said.

The Maungdaw border trade point exported 1,878,000 kilograms of onions to Bangladesh in December 2021, valued at US $ 413,360, according to Maungdaw traders.

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