A society led by wisdom creates a prosperous society

The world is led by “wisdom”. A society led by wisdom creates a prosperous society and a society led by ignorant people creates all kinds of destruction.

Htoo Eain Thin said, “There is nothing to be revered on this earth except love and wisdom.”

Education; Communities change based on illiteracy. Educated Countries based on knowledge are developed and less educated. Uneducated societies can lag behind in development. Countries around the world have different levels of development. In all the top countries, “wisdom” is at the top. Whether it is a dictatorship or not. Without democracy, development cannot be achieved without “knowledge”. The best example is Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of Singapore, was an educated man who led his country to the top on the basis of education. During Singapore’s independence struggle, Lee Kuan Yew received a law degree from the United Kingdom and became a lawyer.

Lee Kuan Yew led Singapore until his death. Lee’s descendants still lead Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew’s PAP has won every election by a landslide. Educated leaders such as Lee Hsien Loong continued to lead Singapore. Singapore can be called a dictatorship. Singapore is governed by an autonomous government, as one party has always won power. But all Singaporean leaders are educated. The country is built on the foundation of knowledge.

Communist-led China is the world’s second-largest economy today. When China was first established in 1949, it was a landlocked country. Now the world is developing to the point where even the United States can be a force for good. This is because it was based on “wisdom” rather than system. The current leader, Xi Jinping, is an educated man. Xi was a leader born after the Chinese Revolution. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Xinhua University in China.

From the beginning of the Reformation, many Chinese students have been sent to the West (especially the United States) to study. In this way, China acquired advanced technologies. Today, all of the top party members leading communist Vietnam are educated. Vietnam has become a fast-growing country today with a major investment in education.

South Korea, which was ruled by a military dictatorship for the past three decades; After Indonesia abandoned the military dictatorship, it developed into a society led by wisdom. Leader of the country If the rulers had human wisdom and love, the country would be at peace. Will develop

If Cambodian leader Hun Sen is a dictator, then Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew can be concluded to be a dictator. But they run their country with different forms of dictatorship. Cambodia is now one of the three least advanced countries in Asean. Laos is also gaining momentum. When Hun Sen took over the ASEAN chairmanship, he tried to intervene in Burma. Didn’t his country go through a series of civil wars? Paris Peace Accords; Elections are held again with the help of the Union Peacekeeping Forces. This is what happened one by one. Political conflict was resolved peacefully. The war crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge were tried internationally at the International Court of Justice. Hun Sen wants to resolve the Burmese conflict based on his country’s experience. Now Hun Sen has given up on Burma.

Society must be led by knowledge. Human-like Wisdom gives wisdom and understanding. Even Hun Sen, the so-called dictator, raised his successor, Hun Mane, to become an educated man. After Hun Sen, Cambodia will continue to be led by Hun Mane. Honmane holds a master’s degree in economics from New York University and a graduate of the prestigious West Point Military Academy. He holds a PhD in Economics from Bristol University, UK. Cambodia, which has endured a bitter civil war in Asean, has invested heavily in education in recent years.

Investment has shifted to Cambodia as Myanmar has been engulfed in the flames of civil strife among its three Asean nations. Moved to Vietnam. Vietnam has benefited greatly from the Sino-US trade war.

Countries are led by knowledge. Wisdom-led societies are prosperous and societies led by ignorant people are headed for total destruction.

“Honor all the other persons on this earth, except love and wisdom

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