1. You can get pregnant just by being together for the first time.

You may have heard that a girl can not get pregnant just for the first time. In fact, both boys and girls can get pregnant for the first time without protection.

A boy can get a girl pregnant just by being together for the first time. For a girl, she can get pregnant after the first menstrual period. Study the menstrual cycle.

Contraceptives can help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Condoms can also help prevent sexually transmitted infections. Before living together, be sure to consult your partner on how to use protection. Contraceptives that should be used Learn about condoms.

2. Ejaculation before ejaculation can also make you pregnant.

It is also not possible to prevent pregnancy by removing the penis before ejaculation. Before ejaculation, men may have sperm in their ejaculate due to sexual arousal. A woman only needs one sperm to get pregnant. In addition, the fluid contains STIs, so ejaculation before ejaculation does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Do not believe your partner if he or she tells you to ejaculate before ejaculation. No one can control that. So use a condom. Condoms can also protect against sexually transmitted infections. If you do not want to get pregnant, you can use other methods of birth control.

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